Our Team

The Hustle & Heart | Meet Our Team

Our team is not only talented, but passionate.

We strive to go above and beyond for each client, to ensure the success of every event.

Recognition of that success belongs to our amazing dedicated team.

Heidi Vail


Tanya Schmit

Chief Executive Officertanya@heidisevents.com

Chef Adam Ziminsky

Executive Chefadam@heidisevents.com

Jillian Zeeb

Senior Event Specialistjillian@heidisevents.com

Nektaria Yiannopoulos

Senior Catering Directornektaria@heidisevents.com

Meagan Gustafson

Event Specialist meagan@heidisevents.com

Ann Wu

Event Coordinatorann@heidisevents.com

Brittani Abé

Office Managerbrittani@heidisevents.com

Lexie Albrecht

Production Managerlexie@heidisevents.com

Jessie Rubio

Head Event Chef 

Charlie Tezak

Head Event Chefcharlie@heidisevents.com

Carlos Padilla

Head Event Chefcarlos@heidisevents.com

Maureesha Dillard

Event Manager

Shelbie Hess

Event Manager

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