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A True Passion for Serving Others: Our Story

It is always our goal to serve our guests beyond expectation…serving Grandma and Grandpa so they do not have to walk to the buffet, ushering a guest to the restroom rather than pointing, and making sure the speaker has a hot dinner waiting for them at the conclusion of the presentation….we think of everything.

Where did that passion begin?

Heidi’s started with a home meal program in 1991 and was the first concept to thrive. One busy family led to another; then the first party, the first wedding, and so on.

Construction started with a state-of-the-art kitchen in October of 1995. Heidi physically did 80% of the work herself with help from family and friends. Since construction was not her area of expertise, it presented her with a challenge. “If you can read, you can learn to do anything, with a little help from Home Depot,” Heidi says. “How-to-do-books” and a desire to know everything took a great part in the development of Heidi’s success. The kitchen opened officially in April 1996 with a grand opening party: over 200 guests attended.

Today, Heidi’s Events & Catering is incorporated with over 11,000 square feet of kitchen, our office showroom, and the rental division in Tempe, Arizona. Heidi attributes her success to “hard work; as much as it takes, no debt; don’t buy until you can afford it, and to have something to do it all for.”

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Our Mission

Build and maintain a business with a solid foundation. Provide quality jobs for honest people. Offer limitless customer service fueled by creative passion. Be a leader in the industry with cutting edge food, presentation and people.

Our Values

Passion for serving others, quality without compromise, and honesty in everything we say and do.

Our Vision

Limitless customer service through creative cuisine.

You are all F#@*ING AWESOME!
The entire team were amazing. From the planning, setup crew and servers and chefs the night of the wedding. Specifically, our Event Manager who made sure to feed us food and drinks all night. THANK YOU for making our wedding day PERFECT!!"
- Courtney & Eric| Repeat Client